Leading by the Book

Ep. 23 - Tim Kopp, General Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners & Former CMO, ExactTarget

October 9, 2018

Tim Kopp is a General Partner with Midwest-based Hyde Park Venture Partners investing primarily in tech companies. Prior to this, he was the CMO of ExactTarget, and Indianapolis-based SaaS company that had a tremendously successful IPO and was ultimately acquired in a $2.5B transaction by Salesforce. Over the years, I've been fortunate to learn a great deal from countless members of the ExactTarget team, and Tim is no exception. He's a phenomenal leader that shares some wonderful perspectives and lessons in this episode. To learn more about Tim, visit his site CMO to VC.

Email: chris@leadingbythebook.com
Web: https://www.leadingbythebook.com

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